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More than 50 million people live with dementia with numbers increasing every year. Yearly dementia costs are soaring and most of the care is provided by family members.

People living with dementia (e.g., Alzheimer’s) suffer from memory impairments, experience changes in behaviour and the ability to perform everyday activities. As a result, they are likely to get lost, not be able to find the way back home and get injured.

Aichom - for families of people with dementia. Your peace of mind drives us forward.

What is


Aichom offers a free Caregiver's library with evidence-based resources on caregiving & caregiver's wellbeing. Our mobile application for caregivers allows pairing a smartwatch and monitoring dementia, receiving support on caregiving and personal wellbeing of the caregiver.


Aichom features location tracking and alerts in a case of emergency, provides voice reminders and recommendations, medication history and tracks health parameters.


With the help of AI, Aichom analyses the data generated and suggests meaningful recommendations & predictions on health status and behaviour.

We are focused to go further with our features into clinical research and follow evidence-based development.


Mobile application & Caregiver's library

Aichom AI

Smartwatch integration

24/7 Caregiver support

Custom Aichom smartwatch band


Mobile app

Aichom beta version is NOW available for Apple Watch. It features location tracking and 'safe zones' on the map, notifications for family members and caregivers.

Check the App Store & try it.

Health Tab

AI - personalised recommendations

Location tracking, 24/7caregiver support

Familiar voice reminders & notifications

Drug adherance



the scenes

After more than 20 mockups and prototypes, more than 2000 hours brainstorming, collecting and developing ideas - from Aichom smartwatch to a smart tracker - we have started our best solution: an app for Apple Watch, starting with location tracking and setting ‘safe-zones’, notifications for family and caregivers, now developing dementia comprehensible reminders, AI data analysis (health and behaviour) and personalised suggestions, also integrating 24/7 caregiver support.


Top Android smartwatches - on our plan, Aichom app will also introduce compatible smartwatch pairing between iOS and Android devices. A custom secure Aichom smartwatch band - coming soon!


Meet our team

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Arvydas Plėta | CPO

Head of corporate innovation

for 5 years

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Mindaugas Galvosas, MD | CEO

Regional and global leading roles in an international organisation.

Delegate to WHO meetings.

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Aurelija Šilinskaitė | CMO

Marketing in IT and banking sectors for 15 years

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Eimantas Vaičiūnas |


Apple platforms developer

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Ričardas  Bernotavičius | Hardware specialist

Co – founder of Gudrutis smartwatch for children

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Tomas Martūnas | 

Serial entrepreneur  

Had father with Alzheimer's


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