Health Tech Startup Aichom Joins Forces with TeleSoftas to Help Families Caring for Ageing Dementia Patients

August 30, 2021

IT Key Media

  • Aichom is a Lithuanian startup with a noble mission – to help the families of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias.

  • The firm has recently received an €100K investment from TeleSoftas to further develop their solution.

  • Aichom’s caregiver support app is currently available for iOS devices, but an Android version is also planned for next year.

Lithuanian heath tech startup Aichom has recently announced it has secured an €100K investment from TeleSoftas, a company developing IT solutions for international partners. The new capital injection will be utilized to continue developing Aichom’s mobile solution which aims to provide assistance for the families caring for a loved one afflicted with Azelheimer’s diseases or other types of dementia.

Aichom was established at a time when 50 million people live with dementia world wide, and their numbers are increasing every day. A few of the startup’s co-founders (Mindaugas Galvosas and Tomas Martūnas) have first-hand experience with dementia, as some of their relatives have suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Galvosas had a grandfather with dementia, while Martūnas’ father has been fighting Alzheimer’s for 11 years, and a few times, even went missing for a few days.

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